collage of pages from Chart Harmony workbooks, images of Bonnie Gillespie and her mother (Charlsie, the astrologer).

A Planet-by-Planet Overview of 2023

Come on in and experience this FREE replay of Bonnie Gillespie's popular year-ahead webinar in which we...

  • plot out the big astro moves of the year ahead (woo weather we'll *all* be feeling)

  • talk through a bit of the color of our days for love, money, enoughness, vitality, and more

  • discover which Chart Harmony activities align with which colors in 2023

 • dig in on an EPIC workbook (downloadable for you to keep)

  • get you feeling GREAT about your relationship with the woo!

Join Bonnie Gillespie and team to get inspired, feel more ease, and find joy along your abundant journey!

No more hoping that you bump into the right vibe to make things happen. 2023 is the time to try a more aligned approach to daily life... while having a lot of fun!

Get up in here!