Never again struggle with planning out your content.
Seriously. Never!
In this on-demand training series, I walk you through my soon-to-be-famous 5x5 Content Planning Method (this is how I map out a YEAR of blog posts, email newsletters, social media content, podcast episodes, and livestream topics in one sitting).
Using this method, you too will be able to get up to A WHOLE YEAR of content planned out, and you'll feel GREAT because you'll have the energy and strategy for executing that year-long plan from there!
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5x5 Content Planning Method

In March of 2020, I gathered with a group of creative entrepreneurs to help them get their businesses up and running — and fast — to economy-proof their lives. (If this is news to you, click here for my free business training that started it all.)

As a part of the pop-up course that kicked off with that free training, I did a deep dive of my 5x5 Content Planning Method for the very first time.

Jaws dropped. Hands cramped from taking so many notes. Minds were blown. And I was asked to go deeper with this process that I usually just do in my brain without even really thinking about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And a new offering was born.

I have now taught my
5x5 Content Planning Method to hundreds of creatives around the world and it is changing lives! More specifically, it is transforming brilliant artists who never know what to say online, who feel overwhelmed with TOO much to say, who worry someone else has said it better (so why bother) into content-creating machines!

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So much ease. So much FUN. And it's all thanks to the simplicity of my 5x5 Content Planning Method, which is now available to you on demand!

Get ready to be the most elated you've EVER been about putting your goodies out in front of your fans! Yes, you have fans, even if right now it's only just your mom, your bestie, and a kind-but-creepy dude who might be low-key obsessed with your tweets. The work of GETTING your content out into the world — with consistency and clarity of your brand voice — *will* build your fanbase. And FAST. We're gonna get you churning out content... with ease!

Yes, really.

Even if you're certain there's no way you could be that freakin' prolific. Even if you usually get stuck after brainstorming three so-so ideas. Even if you talk yourself out of "bugging people" with emails or even if you hate social networking. If you've ever wanted to ramp up the KLT (know-like-trust) factor in your brand-building (whether this is for your showbiz career or the side-hustle that helps you pay the bills while you live your dreams), my soon-to-be-famous 5x5 Content Planning Method is here to help you make it easy... and FUN.

Need more details about 5x5? Here ya go!

The 5x5 Content Planning Method on-demand training includes a downloadable 5x5 Content Planning Method workbook, a private instructional area where you can ask questions along the way, plus detailed video content you can revisit again and again. If you're the type who can take solid step-by-step methods and put that framework to work without live guidance, this is your solution for all your content-planning needs!

As this is an on-demand digital product, you'll receive instant access to the full curriculum upon purchase and therefore there are no refunds. Please get all your questions answered about what 5x5 entails before purchasing. We're here for you at the helpdesk from 10am to 5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday.

We're super excited to offer support for your ability to get some money flowing in — and keep it flowing while you live out your storytelling dreams! As is true for all things Bonnie Gillespie, there is always a LOT of mindset work woven throughout the nuts-and-bolts strategies, here. You will leave this work feeling empowered, inspired, and *ready* to JFDI (just effin' do it)!

Wanna go even deeper? Apply to join our JFDI mastermind and let our unprecedented support and guidance infuse you with the focus to actually live out your creative dreams, with more control in your hands! This is about to become your new favorite gym... and the workout is always one you're so glad you did!

We cannot WAIT to jam with you... see you inside!

About Bonnie (she/her)

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she began demystifying the casting process for actors in 1999. Her most popular book is Self-Management for Actors, the curriculum upon which much of her teaching is based. As a producer and Emmy-honored casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting, coaching, or putting the WOO in Hollywood via Chart Harmony, she is passionate about leaving this world better than she found it. Bonnie lives by the beach on unceded ancestral Tongva land with her partner, Keith Johnson, the luckiest man in the world.

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