Laptop with Sample Aligned Hustle Calendar from The Astrologer's Daughters and 5 MP3s

Aligned Hustle Calendar

$50 Annual Subscription

Looking for a guide to running your creative business from a place of alignment? Tired of feeling like tasks are a struggle? Need a way to plan out the timing for everything without the overwhelm and frustration of bumping up against days that just feel like sludge?

One part pragmatic calendar and two parts woo-woo, the Aligned Hustle Calendar is Bonnie Gillespie’s secret weapon to getting so much done… while having so much fun!

A purchase here subscribes you to a year of monthly calendars — in the last week of each month, you’ll receive access to your next month's Aligned Hustle Calendar — and 5 MP3 audio guides to help you make the most of all the days ahead.

Come jam with us at the Chart Harmony Discord server after you've subscribed here! Woo HOO!