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You have a planet in charge of how each age of your life is gonna FEEL. There's something so fabulous about identifying that planet and suddenly understanding WHY the default mode on all your experiences shift to that planet's purpose in your life for a year.

In this free training, Bonnie Gillespie guides you through the ancient astrological timing technique called ANNUAL PROFECTIONS so you will know from here on out which planet actually *is* the boss of you each year. AND you'll know how to determine the overall wellness of each planet and luminary in your natal chart. (This helps you understand why some years may be harder than others... and of course you can do some easy
Chart Harmony to support all that!)

Grab your chart, your journal, and your openness for a good time exploring the woo for this FREE
Chart Harmony work-along available on-demand.

NO ASTROLOGY EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Your free workbook includes everything you need to render your free birth chart in Whole Sign Houses (required for this ancient timing technique) as well as handy vocab to help you easily understand what the various parts of your chart mean.

Whether you've never seen your chart before OR you regularly perform
Chart Harmony rituals as a form of planetary remediation for your out-of-sect malefic, you're going to love this straightforward approach to understanding the BOSS of each year of your life.