stack of magazines for cutting out images for the vision board party, portion of astrological chartwheel, images superimposed upon portions of the chart

The Most Aligned Vision

Board You've EVER Made!

Using the New Age tools she first learned alongside her mother, Bonnie Gillespie will help elevate your vision board into one that's truly magnetic!

Over the course of this series of lively vids, you'll experience a visual and musical tour through the chartwheel (houses, signs, and planets), while building a vision board that is designed to help you tap into the magic in your unique chart!

In this on-demand workshop, Bon will guide you through your astrological birth chart in an exciting new way! This instruction will enable you to build a treasure map — to parts of yourself and your life's experiences — that's nourishing and FUN to explore! No more slapping a photo of a new car up on a posterboard and hoping it shows up... this is aligned intention, helping you energize exactly the parts of your chart that are already equipped to bring you everything you want in life!

Start pulling together your vision board supplies (magazines, scissors, posterboard, glue sticks, or a digital folder you're filling up with screengrabs for a paperless version you create in Canva or at Pinterest). There is no "right way" to do this work. Let's keep it FUN!

Your downloadable PDF workbook, access to video instruction, and aligned astro playlist are all included! AND... if you enroll now, you also get BONUS access to Bon's planetary remediation mini-course! Yay, you!

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