Chart Harmony slide on laptop, plus examples of rituals that coordinate with each planet, numerology, and sign the moon moves through.

You don't need to understand astrology;
you just need Chart Harmony!

When I learned astrology and numerology alongside my mother in the 1970s, I created stories to help me remember what the various symbols and numbers meant. I would put this cast of characters into little plays, acting out the energetic combination created by combining these components.

Every day, these components are combined in many ways (756 unique combinations, if we ONLY use the components I outline in this training series). When we add to the mix our own natal astrology and numerology, along with planetary hours and current transits and so much more... well... it can get to be a LOT.

Chart Harmony will help you get a handle on the energy of each day so you can build your schedule in a way that balances out areas of your chart that may feel out of whack. No astrological experience required! Just layering on simple remedies that go with the colors you most need to turn UP in your life. You've got this!

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you subscribe to the Chart Harmony Calendar (which INCLUDES this mini-course)! That way, you'll not only have all of this HOW goodness; you'll have a monthly color-coded calendar to guide you toward the exact combinations of activities that align with every day of the year!