pastel swirl of color across a peachy pastel background

Bonnie Gillespie coaching via Zoom; a sweet smoosh-faced kitty with its chin perched on the laptop, on the receiving end of the coaching session.

Let's Keep Your Vision Nurtured

Ah, to be as chill as my client's kitty! Good news! During our monthly sessions, you'll begin to feel the stress slip away. The overwhelm dissolve. And by being a part of these monthly gatherings, you'll have everything you need to connect more deeply with your Astrology Vision Board, one house at a time. That's something to purr about!

While the Sun visits each sign of the zodiac, we will too. We'll discuss how that sign shows up for you (what house it's in, in your natal chart) and of course we'll discuss any planets or placements you have in that sign.

This exploration (and our between-meetings private discussion area, here) will allow you to bring together visual representations of the exact energy that represents your chart, so your vision board is not only refreshed... it's aligned for your every desire!

We're so excited to continue layering in on our time together! See you on the inside!