collage of laptop with astrological chart on the screen, photo of female speaking from the stage, old photo of older woman calculating an astrological chart by hand, young child "playing office" by mimicking her mother, words from the workbook pages partially visible

Enjoy this free audio training series, complete with a PDF workbook filled with easy-to-follow walk-thrus for the basics of astrology and numerology, and a dedicated discussion area so you can ask clarifying questions as you move through the training!

As Bonnie Gillespie walks you through each of the main areas in "big astro," you'll begin to understand why it's all so much more than *just* the sign the Sun was in at your birth. This training will explain why your horoscope is sometimes OFF, and why some of those fun astro memes just do NOT describe you at all.

There is soooooo much more to what our birthdays say about us than that... but because astrology is packed with pretty intricate stuff, it can also be overwhelming.

Because little-Bon learned all of this along with her mother in the 1970s, this complex content is simplified and storyfied in ways that will FINALLY make sense to you, even though we're going pretty deep with some of it. Such a great balance!

What might be all over YOUR chart that's not actually your Sun sign? Maybe you've been reading the wrong horoscope all along! Get ready for it to all *click* like never before, allowing you to finally get the edge you've been seeking... in love, abundance, vitality, and everything in between!

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