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In early 2024, I started noticing a pattern among my coaching clients. They're writing books, editing books, contributing to books others are putting together... they're feeling the call to lead, somehow. And the written word is where they're showing up.

Turns out, a LOT of our work together is traveling across a few categories. There's the how-to of putting a whole book together. There's working through writer’s block. There's narrowing focus. There's getting the dang thing published. There's promoting, pricing, and more challenges to your resting state of enoughness than you may have ever dreamed. Um... why are we doing this?

Because we can't NOT do it. There's something to say. Whether it's 1234567890 words or more like 10K, you can feel the shift shifting... daily... and your journal entries, blog posts, and even DMs with biz besties are beginning to come together in a way that can't be an accident. There's a reason for this. But OMG, HOW, right?!?

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I wrote my first book in 2002.

Technically, I started writing my first book in 1999, when I began interviewing casting directors for a weekly showbiz trade publication. Thanks to my degrees in journalism, I knew to retain my rights on everything I wrote (because at 10 cents a word, there was no chance I was making bank otherwise). When I had "enough" interviews to call 'em a book, I did. And I made a LOT of mistakes in penning, publishing, and promoting that first book.

That's why I'm known for my SECOND book, Self-Management for Actors... which is currently in its 4th edition/6th printing, still bringing in $1K+ a month after all these years. THAT is the book that has led to more than $1.2M in sales in its lifetime. And it's a book I wrote off the answers I provided as actors asked questions at various message boards.

Yep. I saved every "brilliant response" I ever wrote and eventually created categories for the topics and... hmm... do we have a book here? I think we might! Turns out, not only a book... but a system, curriculum, material that would take me all over the world speaking, teaching, sharing a behind-the-curtain peek at the biz. Getting this book out into the world allowed me to build a little empire on my own terms, infused with my values for this biz. #CreatingTheHollywoodWeWant while navigating an evolving system. Transforming storytelling for the better.

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My mom was a renowned astrologer.

I grew up in a New Age household. In Atlanta. In the '70s and '80s. I remember learning the glyphs and their meanings as Charlsie would come back from class and share it all with me. I'd sit on the rust shag carpet and draw Mercury on the chalkboard we kept leaned up against the wall in the dining room. I'd create a story with Mercury as the narrator. Their little "antennae" picking up all the signals and interpreting them for the audience of this play.

As I got older, I'd come home from school, bullied, and my mother wouldn't say the usual, "There, there. They're just jealous." No. She would say, "Now, Bonnie, you know your Venus is afflicted in Leo." And of course, I knew what that meant and it helped me not take (as) personally the things that were happening in my young life.

Cut to: May 25th 2024. Jupiter enters Gemini. My 9th house of (just to name a few areas) higher learning, expansive exploration, astrology, and publishing. There's just about ZERO chance Jupiter — the planet of MOAR, growth, optimism, trust, and expansive abundance — will visit my 9th house for a whole freakin' year and NOT get me publishing my next book(s). Gemini does get us feeling super-wordy, after all! Expressing ourselves feels like a breeze right now. And that’s what lands us here.

At a year-long write-along mentorship to get YOUR book(s) out there too. Because why not?

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We've got 3 zones covered:


We'll meet for 2 small-group Zooms per month for the whole year Jupiter is in Gemini (into June 2025)


No matter WHAT we're doing, it's gonna get down to enoughness (because, yes, you’ve GOT this, honey)

And the rest? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We'll figure out together.

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Oh! And the woo part of things? Totally optional. IF you want that vibe, I'm gonna advise you on the best time in YOUR chart to do certain parts of this work (and when to back off from work... let the muse flow in the idea space). Even without the woo-woo, this is gonna be a spectacular year of writing your book with me. Let's get it out there!

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Please choose the payment option that's best for YOU! Note: If you're a member of the JFDI entrepreneurial mastermind, be sure to choose MONTHLY and then apply your DISCOUNT CODE at checkout.
THANK YOU for joining us for an expansive year!

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