Numerology is one of my favorite parts of the whole Chart Harmony experience! You got a taste of numerology in the Aligned Hustle Calendar tutorials. And you may already be cozy with the tiny numbers in the bottom right corner of each day on those calendars, giving you a sense of the day's energy from a numerological perspective.

Obvi, there's way deeper we can go with numerology. For the purpose of this overview, we're going to look at your BIRTH NUMBER and the numerology of your PERSONAL YEAR. Note: The year we're in dictates the change in the numerology of your PERSONAL YEAR, so this number changes for *everybody* on January 1st each year.

Below, I've got more workbook pages for you, plus some images you may wish to have. The vid is a nice, long livestream in which I did a walk-thru of how to establish both your Birth Number (AKA Life Number, AKA Life Purpose Number, AKA Life Path Number) and your Personal Year Number, as well as what it all means.

Note: The how-to is finished within the first 5 minutes of this livestream I did in September of 2019. (OMG, I had *just* decided to become more overt with my lifetime of best-kept-secret astrologer's daughter persona when I shot this. I was feeling SO brave!) If you're pressed for time, knowing about that first 5 minutes thing may help. ;)

You may also enjoy the blog post that went with that livestream.

Reminder: The FIRST 5 MINUTES of the above vid will get you everything you need to calculate your numerology. (Technically, you could jump to like 3-and-a-half minutes in, and watch to the 5-minute mark, to get the how-to in its shortest [90 seconds] form.)

OMG, of course, you could just watch the whole thing too. Not sure why I'm so eager to save you time right now. Must be Saturn's hour. ;)

Next up, a couple o' pages for your ever-growing Live Your Chart WORKBOOK. Hooray!

Next, here are some Instagram-style graphics to help guide you through numerology for your BIRTH NUMBER, PERSONAL YEAR, and even your NAME (or any other words out there). Yay! (Have I mentioned that Canva is my happy place?)

Just scroll below each of these embedded PDFs to hit the download button and keep these slides for your own reference. The PERSONAL YEAR ones are customized for 2023 (and yes, I plan to do an update for 2024, and so on), so be sure to check which year was your 1 year (if it's not 2023), since THAT is the year that kicked off the cycle, no matter what year you're in right now.

Isn't this fun?!?

Chart Harmony Numerology Birth Number.pdf
Chart Harmony Numerology Personal Year.pdf
Chart Harmony Numerology Your Name.pdf

What's your birth number? What year are you in? What patterns are you seeing about the years that have been the most meaningful in your life so far? Do you like this way of measuring out some of life's rhythms?

How about your name? Do you prefer the energetic signature of a nickname to that of your full name? Can you launch a new business or brand and check its numerology before locking down the name officially?

Let's discuss all of this yumminess over at the Chart Harmony Discord server or during our next Zoom if you'd like!

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