The Chart Harmony Point System (YAYs! & BOOs!)

For determining the overall wellness of your natal chart, we're going to use a sophisticated system of YAYs and BOOs.

YAY = chart privilege
When you've got everything in ideal essential dignity, planets are in the houses of their joy, and nothing was retrograde at the moment of your birth, you've got a lot of YAYs and that's a form of chart privilege. Always be sure you have gratitude for where your chart has given you some advantages in life and always have empathy for those whose BOOs outweigh their YAYs. We *all* get to do Chart Harmony for various issues throughout life and we *all* shift into different states of privilege due to 2ndary progressions, transits, profected years, and so much more! Embrace your YAYs. Don't get lazy about those areas in life (a transit may be on its way to remind you that you want to keep balanced and ready). Love your YAYs.

BOO = space to grow
When you were born during retrograde season, with an out-of-bounds planet or two, and a chart ruler that cannot see what it rules, you've got some BOOs and that can feel like a boot on your neck as you try to navigate issues that don't seem to snag other folks. Luckily, Chart Harmony was built to help you beef up the areas without the bright spots of YAYs *and* mitigate some of the damage all those BOOs can do. Sure, you may have to do more consistent muscle-building when it comes to your Chart Harmony rituals, but you also have some exciting shifts due to 2ndary progressions, transits, profected years, and so much more! These are times to look forward to... when you get to live a setpoint of YAY for a planet that may have had a lot of BOOs at your birth. That's so dang cool!

In some of the vid walk-thru content that follows, you'll be instructed to give yourself YAYs, BOOs, or nothing... yep, because some of the scoring is just neutral. No advantages to gain, no dings to take on. Grab your official scorecards in the lesson below and make sure you're using the right version for each natal planet or luminary, as you go through each of these micro-vid walk-thrus. (Everything is labeled well. I promise!)

IMPORTANT: If you're looking to beat yourself up about something, if you're feeling sorry for yourself, or if the Moon is in Scorpio, DO NOT do this work. Take a break. Shake it off. Do some UP things (here's my list) and come back to this later. The tone we want for doing this work is one of agendalessness. We're just dispassionately labeling the data. That's it. NO JUDGMENT. Just an assessment of opportunities that exist for doing more of the amazing work we tackle each month in our small-group meetings. Ready?

As always, bring your questions about all of this to our beloved Chart Harmony Discord server or continue the convo in our current month's replay page. Have FUN with this! Let's gooooooo!

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