QUICK Chart Harmony How-To πŸ¦‹

There are lots of reasons you may find yourself in need of a little Chart Harmony remedy action. These pages β€” from my OMG-I'm-so-excited planβ€’it planner β€” are here to help you spot a need, identify a color, select a remedy, and then get to ritualizing the dang thing so you can start feeling better, more balanced, and whatever else you're craving. Yay!

Play with this. Experiment. HAVE FUN! And, of course, revisit the replay of our January 19th 2024 Live Your Chart Zoom session for the walk-thru including all your Q&A + hotseat goodness. Continue to engage in comments at that page and/or in the private area of our Chart Harmony Discord server.

This is a workout you'll *always* benefit from doing. When in doubt, support your chart ruler! You've got this!

LYC Orientation Basics - Chart Harmony How-To.pdf
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